iPad Pro Silver 11″ Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip

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Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin
Buy iPad Pro Silver 11" Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip with Bitcoin

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512 GB


Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi+Cellular


iPad Pro 11"

36 reviews for iPad Pro Silver 11″ Display 512 GB 2-nd Generation Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi+Cellular Lidar Scanner 4K Video A12Z Bionic Chip

  1. 5 out of 5

    Monique Hampton

    I bought this IPAD for myself as a birthday present! I m very pleased as I ve never owned one. Had been using the school property IPAD. Very easy set up. Synced it with my phone and it transferred all my apps. Fast shipping & even received it on my birthday! I

    I wasn t expecting it till the following week.
    No problems so far. Love my new purchase & can watch my Disney Plus now!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using MacBook pros for a long time. Looking to lighten the load a bit. First iPad was a 10.2” a few weeks ago. Liked it, sent it back and bought an iPad Air. Liked that one more, but sent it back for this iPad Pro 11”.

    Still learning the ropes around its use. I like the speed, display, quad speakers and looking forward to the Apple keyboard with track pad. The size is just right; Feels like my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on steroids!

    Now waiting for Zugu Case to release the 2020 iPad Pro 2nd generation case. Also waiting on an order for the Targus VersaVu (portrait/landscape view) and a ZtotopCase. Currently using an inexpensive ESR Yippee Trifold Smart Case that doesn’t inspire confidence in handling or protection.

    Hopefully the learning curve with gestures etc. will be short, the keyboard will become available sooner than later, and Apple keeps going in the direction of a true, lightweight MacBook alternative.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Joshua Acosta

    Hi! I was hesitating to buy such an expensive product via Amazon but it was worth it. I really didn t know how much I needed this IPad. It works excellent, battery life is so long, packaging was really good and there were no scratches. Absolutely recommended!

  4. 3 out of 5


    I wasn t really sure what to expect from this device so I waited a week or two before writing a review. I am typically a PC and Android guy so I haven t been ingraned in the apple ecosystem. However, there is no doubt that Apple is king of the tablet world.

    The device is light, runs cools, has a beautiful screen, never slows down, and has a battery that lasts all day even when gaming.

    I would highly recommend this. For $1000, the 512GB is a very nice compliment to my gaming and work laptops as I use it for lighter and more mobile work.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Giovanni Scott

    I purchased this iPad Pro brand new.. but my battery is somewhat defective. Sometimes, if my battery is left between 80-100% when turning it off, I will power it on the next day with the battery always reading 76%. I don’t know it always goes to that number. After I did a system reset, I’ve noticed it become better. I think it has only happened once or twice over the last few weeks. And lately, it’s been better. Some days I don’t charge it, and I leave the % where it’s at, and when I go to power it on, it stays where it’s at. There have been times when I charge it to 100% and it stays on 100% when powering it up the next day. Thank goodness I purchased the AppleCare+ for it just in case the problem really persists. But, so far it’s been ok.

  6. 3 out of 5

    Peter T.

    The new upgrade for the 2020 iPad is pretty nice, although I would have hoped for more. The display is absolutely fantastic. Honestly the best display I’ve ever seen. Crystal clear and vibrant. The upgrade to the camera system is actually a bit annoying, as I do have a few cases that no longer fit due to the square camera housing. There aren’t many apps to take advantage of the LIDAR system, so that’s not a huge selling point. Mainly, the reason I upgraded was twice the storage for about the same price as the previous model. 128 gig i find is much more suitable. 64 gig just isn’t enough period, so it’s nice that the entry model has the 128. The construction is beautiful and on point as always from Apple, and the Apple Pencil 2 has really been an incredible accessory. As a student, it’s nice to be able to take notes that way if I want to switch it up from the keyboard. I purchased a hub as well which greatly expands the usability. Now I can connect USB, 35 mm audio, HDMI, card readers and others all from the USBC port. Highly recommend. As far as this being a laptop replacement, honestly for me it is. I still find myself wanting to buy a big widescreen monitor, but it’s nice to be able to pick it up and go when needed. I would say that if you have a 2018 version already, this is probably a hard sell, and not quite worth buying it flat out. But if you’re going for your first iPad, it’s not a bad way to go at all. The shipping was quick and it arrived perfectly packaged just as it would be from the Apple store. Beautiful piece of equipment. Highly recommend.

  7. 5 out of 5


    This is a gift for my girlfriend, since her college has been closed. Bunch of homework need to be done online. This generation works good for her school. She doesn’t have to write all the formula equation on paper, scanning, and send out. Everything can be done in one device. She loves it. It is light, thin. Works well with the second generation Apple Pencil. Definitely recommend for the students during quarantine.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Steve S.

    Pricey but totally worth it if you can swing it. The smaller Pro version feels better in the hand, so going to the larger pro makes sense if you are going to use this as your laptop, but the optional Magic Keyboard and pen are simply not optional in my opinion. Personally I prefer maxing out storage from past experience because it is not expandable, allowing for years of use with no concern for storage, and pictures (yeah, it has a pretty good camera). Got an iPhone? Voila, it will assume that you want everything on your iPhone to be on your new iPad Pro. Genius Apple, simply genius. The key advantage to the pro is the screen smoothness while using the pen and superior brightness contrast. Also, I have a iMac and using Sidecar as a second screen is mind boggling. Where it pays dividends is an app on the iMac won’t work on the iPad IOS. No problem, using sidecar solves that problem, even allowing you to work from the comfort of your lazy boy in a different room. I could go on but once you swallow the red pill, you will never want to go back.

  9. 3 out of 5

    Adil Aziz

    Upgraded from the pro 9.7 and love it! Its not fundamentally a different experience but everything is much much faster. Also, the 120hz display is a game changer for responsiveness. Hope iPhone gets it soon!

  10. 4 out of 5

    Stephanie G

    This was a definite splurge that I had to save up for and really consider. But, I am glad I got it. It has replaced so many other gadgets and things I would have previously purchased. I also purchased the Apple Pencil 2 and GoodNotes. So, I use this to budget and as a planner. I use it to bullet journal as well.
    The screen looks streamline and sturdy. I love that the pencil just magnetically attaches to the side. The battery life is fantastic as well.

  11. 4 out of 5


    I ordered one through apple.com but it was gonna take 3 weeks to arrive so I canceled it and ordered from Amazon and within 4 days I already received it and it came earlier then expected. Not a single damage in the actual Ipad box.

    Im using the ipad pro for Video editing through luma fusion and using procreate to create digital artwork also checking my emails, some social media app like Instagram is not compatible it still shape like the phone and can zoom in to “fit the screen”. But other then that everything is pretty good so far everything I did on my laptop i get to do in my Ipad

    Only thing I should’ve focus on was the USB-C. I always thought it was the same as the lightning cable but it wasn’t. So i had to order a different adapter for the 3.5mm headphones jack.

  12. 5 out of 5

    Mark lawler

    I have a 2018 and now I have a 2020 I have One for the work truck one for the den don’t tell my wife. As far is the 11 inch and the 12 inch models. I do not have a 12 inch I think they’re a little excessive clumsy to handle so I’m gonna stick with the 11 inch no problems with Wi-Fi and my cellular and I have no problems with Verizon wireless (Work only no gaming)

  13. 5 out of 5


    This was a gift to me, and I love it. I’m actually using it right now.

  14. 4 out of 5

    Jim S

    I REALLY love this iPad Pro 11 but had fits figuring out if it really was the super fast newest version with the super wide screen camera and most importantly the A12Z chip… it is. But since the 12.9 inch vers is Gen4 I assumed this wud be too.. no the 2020 Gen 2 is the latest variant in this 11 inch size As of today anyway..

    Seaking Of size initially I thought this one was a bit small.. it’s slightly bigger than my old iPad Air, but the display is so sharp it’s very easy to see and handle it. I love the facial recognition .. it’s super fast, and surprisingly it even works in a dark room at night with the lights all out..

    Here’s the BIG Big problem I encountered tho.. and I’m telling you this since it could happen to u too.. I did a Backup And Restore of my Air to this new one using the iTunes App on a Windows 10 PC.. that was simple and fast.. but when I got done.. many of my Apps (about 50 of about 300 of them) which were either free or had been updated using in app purchases later.. simply would not launch or run.. I get an invalid password error.. it took me 4 hours on the phone with Apple Support to figure out apparently these had been purchased under a different Apple ID, and although most still run and work fine on the old iPad Air Gen 2 .. Apple won’t let them run or Restore as purchases on this new iPad Pro 11 since that old AppleID has been deleted..

    So what I’ve had to do is try each one and tally all the paid apps up that I’ve lost as a result.. this took 2 days and I have an open case with Apple support to review the loss for possible compensation or something..since it’s perfectly legit to have multiple Apple IDs but no one ever told us you can’t backup then restore them. The free ones are no problem but many were initially free till the kids buy more tokens or features so it’s several hundred I’d be out without some way to restore or compensate for this.. I’m hopeful Apple will compensate for it .. we’ll see and I’ll update this review with the outcome later this week.

    In spite of this gotcha.. it’s a fantastic tool.. it’s super fast and full of new features.. I like it a LOT.

    updated 7-30:
    I like this iPad Pro a lot but am now very disappointed in Apple. I took the guidance of one of their tier two support reps and, because there were so many transferred apps that would not load, went thru each I paid for and looked them up on the Apple iTunes store an made a screen grab of each to confirm the price to buy it again and went back to Apple support hoping they could restore them… but this time I got a different upper level Support rep and she said flatly that the original rep had reconsidered and they would not be able to help me restore these apps. I was dumbfounded by the 180 degree reversal and asked why they couldn t simply re-activate the AppleID and let me restore what I d paid for.. Nope all I got was this link in the new AppleID policy.. I can t run any of my old transferred apps tho.. I plan to see if I can take this issue to small claims court and we ll see who s right..


  15. 4 out of 5

    Jordan Hopper

    Excellent IPad Pro! I previously owned a couple of iPads that were great, but the pro takes everything to the next level. Perfect amount of memory, excellent multitasking tool, & amazing screen to watch video of any kind. Highly recommended!

  16. 3 out of 5


    I broke my laptop and needed a fill-in for some online Zoom classes I was taking…my mini iPad was too small to see all those people in such small squares. This screen was significantly larger, making it much easier to see details while my laptop was mailed out for repair. I do think the Apple products are a bit pricey. I am not sure if I like how very thin this iPad is or not…it is a little hard to hold onto as is (I didn t put a protective case on mine yet.)

  17. 5 out of 5

    Juan Uribe

    Great product, I had my doubts by ordering this item on Amazon but the product delivered was new and mint. In regards of the product, what can I say, it s one of the best apple products and by far the best tablet nowadays, I preferred the 11 inches model as is more portable and I was looking forward to use it for note taking and multimedia consumption.

  18. 5 out of 5

    M. Hauser

    My IPAD Air died after almost 14 years of having it. I had to get a New IPAD. After much research I decided to go with this New IPAD Pro. Best decision ever. The visual and speed alone is beyond anything I could imagine. The fact that I could connect my phone to it while installing everything (Apps, Contacts and Much More) made it so much easier. I love the larger “11 Inch Screen” as I think it’s perfect for me going from the Air Screen it’s a nice upgrade. The 12.9 screen would have been too much for me. I also ordered the “Magic Keyboard” which is a must have for the mere fact that the keyboard is easy, light and very efficient. I’m also enjoying the conversion of this keyboard as a laptop like feature to a case once you are finished with it. I didn’t purchase a case because I was not sure how this keyboard would be but it’s Phenomenal. I highly recommend both the IPAD Pro and Magic Keyboard, you won’t be disappointed.

  19. 5 out of 5

    Alyssa Jauregui

    Love mine! I haven’t had a laptop for years because tbh I need it for multiple purposes. I bought this along with a cheaper smart pen, key board and mouse through amazon as well and everything is great! I’m a student so all the different things I can do with my iPad is great. I’m able to hand write notes or type notes, draw as well. Most apps these days are compatible with Apple so getting an iPad is worth it where as if I got a regular laptop such as HP, some apps aren’t compatible if I wanna use it for work, school and just my daily life. Camera also looks so good! Way cheaper than a MacBook but basically the same thing ????

  20. 4 out of 5

    Stephen G. Baime

    There is so much to like about the iPad Pro, but the best is the sound. I listened to a few songs of different genres, and the sound is what you might expect from a very expensive stereo system. It blew me away.

  21. 5 out of 5

    G. Ware Cornell Jr.

    I don’t know off the top of my head just how many iPads I have owned. I do know that this replaced another 11inch iPad Pro. However this is the first iPad I’ve owned withoutout WiFi. Considering that my first iPad had cellular

    The first generation iPad with 3G deputed on April 30, 2010. I had to wait a month after the WiFi only iPad debuted. So why did I wait? And more importantly what has changed in ten years that I decided to forgo cellular?

    From the beginning I recognized that the iPad would be a powerful tool in the courtroom. In those days, not all courthouses had public WiFi. Most do now, but my iPhone XS is a personal hotspot. So my earlier need for connectivity in Court is not as acute.

    So how does this iPad Pro stack up against the 2018 model? Basically it’s faster. Some say that the the kind of speeds between generations is not noticeable. It is. It is especially noticeable with high speed WiFi and streaming video.

    The cameras are outstanding. The rear cam has 7 MO while the two front cases are 10 and 12 MO. It actually has an 2X optical zoom. While this will likely be the best tablet you’ve ever owned, it is even more lost it will be the best camera you’ve ever owned.

    A few words of advise. Two things are necessary. AppleCare+ and a touch case. These will give you piece of mind.

  22. 4 out of 5

    Daniel Jiménez

    Wonderful purchase, it is the original apple, it comes with a year of warranty and a year of apple tv as all apple products usually come, the truth is that it arrived in good condition, without any damage or anything so everything is perfect, it s worth the It is worth buying if it is going to be your first ipad in life or you have one from previous years.

  23. 3 out of 5

    Baltazar alvarado

    Came out good, excellent condition, everything in the box.

  24. 5 out of 5


    It is a great tablet, don t get me wrong. But there is a giant flaw – you can t use split on-screen keyboard feature like you could on other ipads. Apple removed this feature probably to force people to buy their expensive keyboard, what a shame. You will struggle to type anything if you don t have giant hands.
    120hz feels great. I use VLC to transfer videos over wifi (Pro tip : don t leave the Network tab in the VLC app, otherwise big files fail to transfer).
    Touch screen is very responsive but iPadOS is a bit buggy. But since it gets stuck at update requested , I can t download the latest update so I won t know how buggy it is till I am able to update to the latest version. I used to think Apple makes everything comfy and user-friendly, but now I see it is certainly not the case.
    Overall not at all worth the 900$ I paid for the 256GB version.
    UPDATE : Was able to update finally to iPadOS14. I ll change my review to 5 stars if they add back the split keyboard and fix the UI bugs.

  25. 5 out of 5


    Love it for drawing and some kids educational apps but not much else so far. I do a lot of art and 3d sculpting and procreate has been amazing for drawing but I can t bring myself to use the 3d sculpting apps. They are pretty bad at the moment. I still use my phone for most podcast, youtube, and kindle reading due to the smaller size and always with me. I still use my desktop pc for most computer tasks due to getting full blown versions of things and more web capabilities(even google docs is way better on a PC). I still use my big TV for casting media. So, for our family it s a great drawing and kids educational tablet. Still very worth it but not even close to a computer replacement….and we have the magic keyboard as well.

    The lack of user profiles also hinders its use a lot. I want this to be a family device and I feel like the face detection should recognize all of us and show the layout and apps we want based on that. All of our apple and google accounts should be signed into based on who is using the iPad. I find it really strange to have a high end computer like device that can t handle multiple users.

    Mouse support also isn t that great. The big mouse icon is nice but the actual click area can have a lot of problems. You can keep clicking on something but the software doesn t think you are. Seems like it s still just a tiny pinpoint of a click area hidden underneath a large mouse icon. Also lots of your day to day basic apps hardly support it. Try shift clicking a group of cells in google sheets. Doesn t work yet.

  26. 3 out of 5


    I bought this 2020 11-inch ipad originally for one specific app, procreate. I wanted to sketch and draw on it since I have been recently interested in illustration. I have been using it now for 3 months and still use it everyday. I have never been a huge consumer of Apple products over the years. I have only owned one apple product before, a 3rd generation retina display ipad. I felt it was time to upgrade to a new tablet at this point anyway. This thing is lightning quick and still surprises me at how easy it is to use. Internet pages load and snap onto the screen faster than my current computer, pictures are displayed vibrantly and accurately. I considered the 12.9-inch display many times before getting this 11-inch. But ultimately it came down to how great of a value this size offers. There no difference between the two and this once is slightly more portable, lighter, and comfortable to hold. Of course I bought this with the Apple Pencil for sketching (make sure to get the new generation that snaps onto the side of the tablet, the earlier generation wont work with this model). This is the Pro model after all, so it is more expensive than the other options of ipads… but if you are a creator of any kind and want to take your work digital this is easily the best option!

  27. 4 out of 5

    D. Johnson

    I’ve been a huge anti-Apple products person for a long time… I don’t like the iPhones and stayed away from their tablets.

    I was promoted recently and was issued an iPhone XR. I’m impressed with the ease of using apps on it but think it is rather pedestrian when compared to my OnePlus 7 Pro. However when it came to buying a premium tablet I had been nothing but disappointed with Android tablets (I have Google and Samsung versions at home).

    Neither seemed user friendly and were always terrible on battery life and speed.

    After much research I bought an iPad Pro 11… this is a great piece of technical engineering! From the outstanding battery life, beautiful screen, app integration, picture quality, LTE connectivity and speedy performance I have never used any Android tablet that comes close to how great this iPad is!

    From the small footprint of iOS on the hard drive to its graceful line this is a well thought out workhorse that is equally at ease for fun! My only quibble is the lack of a scrolling screen however everything I’ve thrown set it so far it has handled with ease!

    I’m installing Office 365 on it today- Apple, I may not like your phones yet I love your iPad Pro 11!

  28. 5 out of 5


    I wonder why ram is never mentioned on Ipads listings , they range from 3 GB to 6 GB .This 11 inch has 6 GB Ram. Beware other cheaper models for $200 less , offer 3 GB ram .I cannot turn on my computer with less than 4 GB.

  29. 3 out of 5

    Philip McDermid

    This thing is AWESOME. I had a iPad air 2 and used it every day, it was still working fine but the 64Gb was really becoming a pain and I noticed that the latest updates for some apps and games were showing some slowness. Well this thing is amazing, there is barely a time during the day when it is not within reach. Games can be turned up to highest res and run seamlessly apps open quickly and stay in memory for quick switching more often. I think with the magic keyboard i will be looking to replace more of my workday with this device.

  30. 4 out of 5


    I specialize in tech reviews and try to help buyers find the best gear at fair value. The 2020 iPad Pros have meaningful improvements I’ll detail below. A major one is much improved 10-hour battery life. But why settle for longer battery life when your new iPad takes forever to charge? Fortunately, there’s an easy fix:

    Apple is famous for marketing state of the art iPhones and iPads that unfortunately come with slow, subpar chargers. The new iPad Pros come with a ridiculously slow 18 watt charger. For under $30 you can ditch the slow Apple charger and fix the problem. However, with zillions of wall chargers out there, it’s easy for anyone’s eyes to get glazed over looking for which to buy. Here’s what to look for:

    IPAD PRO CHARGING BRICKS: Which to buy / Tips:

    It’s essential you get one labeled “USB-C Power Delivery.” This is also known as PD. For wattage, look for 30w and be sure the full 30 watts is coming out of the USB-C jack. Some have dual ports and might be labeled 36w but limit 18 watts to each jack. I’ve reviewed many PD chargers and have found that it is best to stick with reputable brands with warranties of at least a year, and up to two years. I’ve tested several and recommend Aukey, Choetech, Anker, and AmazonBasics. I have no relationship with any tech company. Use your USB-C to USB-C cable that comes with the new iPad Pros. No need to buy another cable. Below are some links:


    For under $25, this great model also includes an old fashioned but still useful USB-A jack. To get the full 30 watts to your new iPad, don’t charge a second device at the same time. The 24 month warranty is far better than most:



    For just over $20, this 30w PD model is compact and great for travel with its foldable plug. The warranty is 18 months. It comes only in black:



    Anker may be the best known of third party brands but its once stellar customer service is now frustratingly difficult at times. Yet, they make great products, although warranties are limited. This model is super compact, comes with 18-month warranty and is quite “Apple like” at under $30:



    I like dealing with Amazon because their customer service is typically stellar. At under $30, this one will charge your new iPad PRO at 30 watts for highest charging speed and will also charge the latest USB-C Mac laptops at high speed. However, it is larger than the others and only carries a one-year warranty:



    Chargers with more than 30 watts WILL NOT give you faster charging unless you are also using it for a recent Mac laptop. Apple and most PC laptops require 45 watts for fastest charge. Recent iPhones only come with 5w or 12w chargers but need 18 watts with Power Delivery for fastest charge. So don’t toss the new 18-watt charger that comes with the new iPad Pro. Use it for your iPhone and you’ll be amazed it charges to 50% in just 30 minutes.


    For most power users, yes. The longer battery life as compared with earlier models is absolutely worth it. Apple is not stretching it when it says 10 hours although intense gaming will deplete the battery faster.

    For general users, maybe. The faster A12Z bionic chip is tremendously zippy but folks who are casual internet browsers will not notice the change. However, this model is fantastic as a laptop replacement with its support for Apple’s stellar Magic Keyboard, the Apple (and some third party) pencils, and the Smart Keyboard Folio.

    If you take pictures with your iPad, the camera is the best Apple has yet packaged with any device. Terrific. In this Covid era, it’s ultrawide lens is also great for live streaming of meetings. Speaking of meetings, the built in microphones surpass most laptops. For music listening, the new iPads deliver clean and pleasing audio, with surprisingly fine bass. Yes, your new iPad Pro can actually crank up the jams! Good to know if you are stuck in the house.


    A giant YES! We have a family member who is quite successful in the gaming world. If you are coming from any other mobile device other than the 2018 iPad Pros, the 120 frames per second (FPS) frame rate of the new Pros must be seen to be appreciated. Silky, slick and so fast! No lag with a good internet connection. Games such as Fortnight have recently upgraded to support 120 FPS. If your favorite game supports it, a new iPad Pro is an absolutely terrific no brainer investment.


    I hope this long review has been of some help. I’m sending my very best to you and yours for health and prosperity, and better days ahead. The new iPad Pros are stellar, light as a feather, and Apple’s best ever for ultra fast speed, productivity, and laptop-replacing good times.

  31. 3 out of 5

    Julian Showalter

    I bought this because I am an artist and this tablet is basically “Essential” for artists. Especially with the perk of using Procreate (buy it ONCE for $10) that out does Photoshop buy a million years and is way easier on your pocket.

    Love the sleek, minimalist design and that the 256 gb Space Grey was cheaper on Amazon than Apple directly! Can’t wait to use it with my Azio Elwood Compact Keyboard and mouse set!

    Not too thrilled about the “Magic Keyboard” since it does not allow protection, via a case, when taken off of the keyboard, and adds more weight to the iPad, making it’s lightweight functionality, essentially null. Just get a different keyboard and save yourself $300.

  32. 4 out of 5


    This device is totally out of this world. I upgraded from the iPad Pro 2016(1st gen) and the difference is overwhelming. Even with normal use(browsing and switching between apps) it’s blazing fast. I also have an iPhone 11 Pro Max but this feels even faster than that. Games like Fortnite and ARK literally run better on this than my console because of the ultra fast GPU and 120hz display(Fortnite on 120fps will blow your mind). I opted for the 11 inch model because my previous iPad which was a 12.9 was too heavy for carrying around, this is the perfect size in my opinion(Also much thinner). Speakers are twice as loud. Even after a lot of gaming, It easily runs a whole day on a full charge. I have been using the 30W usb-c charger that came with my MacBook Air and it gets to full in about an hour and a half. I’m thinking about getting an Apple Pencil soon for college work. Guys if your thinking about getting this, don t think get it!. You re getting the best tablet if you prefer speed, multitasking and gaming. What a tremendous tablet this is. Haven’t found any flaws in it. Perfect tablet overall.

  33. 4 out of 5

    Jon H.

    I’ve been wanting to buy one of my friends a coffin for his 67th birthday. I do want it to be a surprise though so measuring him has been the most difficult thing. Thanks to the LiDAR scanner on the new iPad Pro I can now measure people for coffins without spoiling the surprise. Well worth the money.

  34. 3 out of 5

    Kandy Checo

    Awesome tablet. Honestly feels like a legit computer especially when using safari. I got this to digital draw mostly but I’m waiting to get my Apple Pencil. But anything can be done in this piece of art!
    Remember, Jesus is Lord!

  35. 3 out of 5


    Very nice iPad. Works great, but I have two complaints. First, it does not use a regular iPad charging cable, so none of my 5+ cables work on it, I only have one cable. Secondly, and more importantly, this ipad forces you to use wireless headphones. I like my basic apple headphones that come with the device when you buy it, but this one doesn’t come with any headphones, plus you can only use wireless ones. That annoys me.

  36. 3 out of 5

    Lynn Limone

    i bought the iPad Pro (11-inch), and after removing the iPad box from the shipping box, I noticed the seal was broken on the box and not closed completely. Upon opening the box, the cord was not wound properly and contents not properly packed. This is disconcerting for a product that I paid for expecting to get an untampered with product. Assuming there are no problems once I start the iPad, I know I will love it. However, I am disappointed that it was opened, and if a returned item, I do not know what the reason was. I did not pay for a refurbished item. I paid for a new item.

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