About Us


ishopwithbitcoin is the world’s first official Apple Products seller, that accepts Bitcoin as sole payment method.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new kind of money and a currency without borders. It is the world’s first and premier crypto-currency.

We believe Bitcoin will revolutionize not only the world of internet payments but — perhaps more importantly — money as we know it. Because of Bitcoin’s decentralized and open nature, it has the potential to provide a level financial playing-field for all.

Our Mission

We want to bring Bitcoin to the masses. We believe that an honest-money system, like Bitcoin, has world-changing potential.

We can’t achieve this goal by ourselves, but we believe we can do our part by providing Bitcoin advocates, as well as the naysayers, demonstrable proof that Bitcoin has real-world value. Additionally, we want to encourage existing users of Bitcoin to keep more of their economic activity in the ‘Bitcoin Economy’.

Mike Enimson, CEO

Our Team

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